Another pleasant day amongst the

Bracken, bramble and gorse. Today we carried on with clearance work along the wheelchair access path on Lynchmere Commons. The lovely day brought a good turnout of volunteers and as you can see a couple of our Duke of Edinburgh volunteers had a rest enjoying the sun after they cleared all that area – well not quite but it certainly looks like that.

As always our thanks go to all the people that give up their sunday morning to help with improving our commons.



Here we go again!

Last Sunday brought the first task of the new work ‘season’. A great group of volunteers battled with this year’s phenomenal bracken, bramble and gorse growth.


Of course there was a fire and good progress was made towards linking previously cleared areas. We were also joined by three teenagers that are doing their Duke of Edinburgh awards and have chosen The Lynchmere Society for their volunteer task which means they will take part on a regular basis.


One way of ‘manhandling’ the cleared vegetation – if you have a fork and the muscle!