Below some photos from our resident professional photographer Peter Searight who lives on the edge of Lynchmere Common and has seen it at virtually all times of day throughout the years. It gives you a feel of the place and why we try to look after it….


_MG_5892 _MG_5901 _MG_6055 _MG_6046 _MG_6053 _MG_6060 _MG_6527 File1478 Foxgloves at Chitties cropped B+5 C+10 LoR 605 File1455 Foxgloves at the view, cropped LoR 605 File0944 Sky form View B+5 C+10 crop 505 A0004532 12_Snow_Sculpture 10_Best_Friends 08_Who_Left_This_Behind 01_A_Stroll_Through_The_Snow _X2D5062 _X2D5059 _X2D5054 _X2D5051 _X2D2056 _X2D0440 _MG_8845 _MG_7057 _MG_7052 _MG_7050 _MG_7048 _MG_7045 _MG_6688 _MG_6582 IMG_1566 Vortex IMG_1274 IMG_1258 IMG_1225 IMG_1219 IMG_1193 IMG_1176 IMG_0774 IMG_0652 IMG_0626 IMG_0612 IMG_5154 IMG_4133 IMG_4123 IMG_4120 IMG_4036 IMG_2029 IMG_1889 IMG_1884 IMG_8301 IMG_8300 IMG_8300 IMG_8299 IMG_8088 IMG_8031 IMG_7024 IMG_7016 WX2D6262 WX2D6221 WX2D6216 WX2D3648 Trees in mist on common 1190 cr B+10 C+10 1106 Tall Trees12 Sun thro mist Judy's ptch LC lighton grass5 LoR 1204 img014 Mamiya 10 Sept 05 full image IMG_9738 IMG_9611 IMG_9371 IMG_9271 IMG_8851 IMG_8770 IMG_8708-4 IMG_8543 _MG_4238 _MG_2142 _MG_0770