Another day – another few metres

We had another go at – yes you guessed it – hedge laying. While some cleared the masses of bramble on the road side of our double hedge in preparation, others started laying the field side of the already laid stretch.

That side is not going to be laid to quite the same standard as the more visible part – by law a hedge can only be laid until the end of March – after that the nesting season starts. So we are under a bit of pressure to get the best possible result and a slight compromise is required.

But the ‘face’ of the hedge will be laid and bound to the best standard we can achieve and you can now see the effect much better.


As we go down the road the hedge we have to work with gets a bit patchy – loads and loads of bramble has been choking it so we have a lot of clearing out to do before we can get stuck in. Also, we have quite a few gaps and we are employing ‘creative’ laying solutions to bridge those gaps as well as planting some hazels whips to plug the holes.

But I am sure the end result will be much better than what was there before and will give us a good base to do it all again in around 8 years’ time.



Hedge Laying – the sober bit

Thanks Lou – enthusiastic as ever. But praise should also go to our tutor Frank who introduced us to the art of Hedge laying a few weeks ago. He had a keen band of willing volunteers who cut the existing hedge within an inch of its life (literally), laid it down, and then had a crash course in finishing – binding – it. So today we completed the first big chunk and yes our handy work can now be admired by all – just don’t get a spirit level out!


Getting started….


The two Richards getting stuck in

I think we did pretty well given that we are new to this – and it looks really good. The hedge is on top of a bank, we have concentrated on the road side hedge and as there is quite a bit more to do before spring sets in we may decide to just cut the field side of the hedge this time.


As you can see the pattern of the binding on top really makes a nice finish.


The works so far!


From another angle – a different look again.

We will be back here in January to hopefully carry on down the road.

I can’t wait to see how this will look in a few months time – it looks very dramatic and harsh treatment but by all accounts the laid vegetation should green up and new shoots should sprout readily – I will keep you posted – or better still have a look yourself.