Thanks Woodland Trust!

and our band of helpers that spend a couple of hours in glorious sunshine planting a double hedge on top (mostly) of our boundary bank at Roundabouts Field. The woodland Trust had kindly given us another 420 hazel, blackthorn, crabapple, dog rose and elder saplings complete with bamboo canes and spiral tree guards to join the ones we planted earlier this winter.

hedge 3-15


Our hedge is now complete and looks quite good – from the right vantage point. On the other hand it looks as if we enjoyed a bit more than just coffee and cake while planting it in a somewhat drunken looking line. But our excuse is the fact that nature abhors straight lines, the bank is uneven, rabbits make holes in it etc etc. Once the trees are established and the tree guards gone nobody will notice.

Just as we were leaving the bank got inspected by one of the local residents:

hedge lizard

a gorgeous little common lizard – he sat there for ages basking and let us come quite close while he flattened himself to absorb as much sun as possible.