Nice weather for ducks – and hedges

Last Sunday a handful of dedicated, enthusiastic and most of all very wet volunteers planted 105 saplings to continue our existing hedge. Oh – and we gave the old hedge a haircut. All was done in an amazing 2 hours – how the weather focuses the mind! I will post photos as soon as I make it back to the finished product in daylight.
The saplings – a mixture of hazel, blackthorn, crabapple, elder and dog rose – was kindly provided by the Woodland Trust and we hope to get another few hundred in the early spring to continue planting the double hedge then.
And what does it all mean? It means that in a few years time there is more hedge to lay – a task that all that took part two years ago found really rewarding and interesting.

hedge before hedge after


Sorry for the bad quality – but it shows the bank before and after we planted our saplings complete with tree guards. A bit of a wavy line but the bank is not very regular and anyway nature is rarely in straight lines.

A quick look at how the existing laid hedge has regrown. We removed the branches that grew outwards into the road but mostly they grow nicely upwards -as it should be.

hedge regrowth


More hedge please

who says we only cut down and burn in the winter. We are extending the hedge along the Linchmere Road near Roundabouts. Please feel free to come and join us trimming the existing hedge, clearing some bracken and planting 105 saplings on Sunday 23rd November from 10am.

Please bring gloves and loppers if you have them.

Hope to see you near the crossroads in Lynchmere.