Summer work – your help needed!

although the summer is generally a quieter time for volunteers we would love your help with two projects in the next few months – a botanical survey of the field next to the Barn and hay making.

Botanical Survey:

sounds very serious but we just want to start recording (to the best of our abilities) the species of plants in the meadow so we can see how our management of the meadows (grazing and hay making) affects the make up of the meadows over the years. We need a handful of people who are keen to learn a bit about identifying grassland plants, learn how to record them and generally spend a bit of time on their hands and knees looking very closely at some greenery. We will have backup and tuition by Laura Ponsonby (our resident botanist) and Dave Elliot (National Trust). This survey will probably be carried out during June.

If you or somebody you know would be interested and willing to help please drop me a line!

Hay making:

this was hot, dirty, dusty but ultimately FUN work last year. The grass gets cut by tractor around mid July in Roundabouts Field (next to Hammer Lane – behind the laid hedge) and about 4 weeks later at the Barn. Just before baling the rows of hay need picking over – to remove dock and thistle (we are working hard at present to hoe as many thistle plants as possible). But the main job is of course gathering and stacking the bales – a taste of yesteryear with tractor rides, dust and beer and cider (as a way of reward). See also earlier blog entry.

Given the nature of the task it is obviously very weather dependent – and thus only short notice can be given.

So we want to build a list of possible helpers that can be contacted by whatever means you prefer once we have decided that the moment is right. Don’t worry if you might be on holiday some time in that period – the more people are on our list the higher the chances of ‘catching’ some of them.

Please let me know if you want your name on this list and how we should get in touch – email, phone, text?

If you have any further questions just leave a comment or give me a call (01428 725767)

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon