Hedge Laying – the sober bit

Thanks Lou – enthusiastic as ever. But praise should also go to our tutor Frank who introduced us to the art of Hedge laying a few weeks ago. He had a keen band of willing volunteers who cut the existing hedge within an inch of its life (literally), laid it down, and then had a crash course in finishing – binding – it. So today we completed the first big chunk and yes our handy work can now be admired by all – just don’t get a spirit level out!


Getting started….


The two Richards getting stuck in

I think we did pretty well given that we are new to this – and it looks really good. The hedge is on top of a bank, we have concentrated on the road side hedge and as there is quite a bit more to do before spring sets in we may decide to just cut the field side of the hedge this time.


As you can see the pattern of the binding on top really makes a nice finish.


The works so far!


From another angle – a different look again.

We will be back here in January to hopefully carry on down the road.

I can’t wait to see how this will look in a few months time – it looks very dramatic and harsh treatment but by all accounts the laid vegetation should green up and new shoots should sprout readily – I will keep you posted – or better still have a look yourself.


The layered hedge

Wow! What a magnificent job! Driving past we get such a thrill and just the joy of seeing it there! Well done all you guys and gals. It is truly wonderful. The 2 Richards were going hammer and tong, as they say, un stoppable! Eva doing quality control..quite right too…all of Eva’s family hard at it..Roy Boy apart from seriously good tractor driving, on Bonfire duty…hurrah hurrah..eventually got it going. Well done all! Lou

Hello World – Part 2

So here we are – just about made it before the end of the year! And what a year it was – apart from the usual ‘legalised vandalism’ that is the winter clearance work, our trusty band of volunteers has planted a hazel grove (easily spotted from the Haslemere Road) and also tried to battle the grass in the orchard with assorted scythes – I think the grass won! But then it did have more than a helping hand from the endless rain this ‘summer’.

We have started to tackle an altogether new skill – hedge laying. Our efforts can be seen along the road from Lynchmere towards Hammer. It is certainly a challenge but great fun and it makes a change from our usual slightly more destructive work. The task is not finished so if you want to get involved – let us know. So watch this space – or that hedge!

And then of course there was our 15 minutes of fame – on the BBC’s Countryfile program on 2nd Dec. Good to see volunteer organisations being given a platform – but for those of you who saw the program – Sorry but don’t expect a cooked lunch on your next task!

So after all this very traditional work we have finally taken the plunge and are out here blogging – well, we will try at least.

We want to use this medium to help us stay (or even get) in touch with members, give you more up to date information about what is going on, when and where our next volunteer task is happening and anything else that might be of interest and relevance to you and us.

So if anyone out there wants to contribute – please, please let us know!

So until the next blog, task or newsletter –